The Surging

3 Déc


It’s born afar
Under the pale green sky
A strong undercurrent
Rising and moving
Against the ocean’s floor
Rising and moving
Towards us
A gentle wave
Dancing and rolling
Rising and moving
Surging in front of us
A wall of water
Sparkling in the sun
Foaming and moving
Rising in myriads of droplets
Neptunian music of the spheres
Presence of the appearance
It’s born from within
Rising and moving
Time presenting us minute sounds
Fractal rainbows and delicate webs
Rising and moving
Washing over our heads
Erasing our footsteps in the sand
Dragging us towards the open sea
Ancient turtles swimming
In the amrit soup
Drank by a blue god
We float peacefully on appearances
Rising and moving
While the surging keeps bringing
Wave and wave of ecstatic presence
To whatever comes ashore
Brought by the happy tides
Of eternity  


First published on Play as Being wiki :



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