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A Work for Poets by George Mackay Brown

1 Jan

A Work for Poets

To have carved on the days of our vanity
A sun
A ship
A star
A cornstalk

Also a few marks
From an ancient forgotten time
A child may read

That not far from the stone
A well might open for wayfarers

Here is a work for poets-
Carve the runes
Then be content with silence

From « A Work for Poets » (1996)[1]

#Haiku 44

1 Mar

::: A great poet’s voice

::: With deep rich resonances

::: Brings tears to the eyes



#Haiku 43

28 Fév

Bois de chevreuil

::: Bell of a temple

::: Reading delicate haikus

::: From another world

#Haikus 3 & 4

19 Jan

::: Clearing mind’s content

::: The winter wind swishes through



::: Creating some space





::: On carousel music



::: Revolving like a dervish



::: Tingles all over


#Haiku 1

15 Jan

::: Balancing my life

::: One sound haiku at a time

::: For 99 days