Artisan of Light, a spellbinding video by Bleu Oleander

14 Juil

After my initiatic journey to Egypt last May, I was sharing with my friend Bleu and a few other friends a poem I had written on the dunes by the Saint-Lawrence River while on another initiatic journey in Tadoussac (Quebec) late June. Bleu as well as the others are « virtual friends »: we meet regularly in the virtual world of Second Life, discussing the nature of reality and sharing our experiences. Here is a log of the session where I shared the work in progress that became  the poem Artisan of light:


I had only a few lines by then:


My name is Rose

I come from another time

I am here to reveal secrets

From the House of Dreams

My name is Rose

I am a poet

I am Shekmet

Solar goddess of Egypt

With a lion head

I free from fear


At the mention of Shekmet, Bleu who has also travelled to Egypt a few years ago, declared she would like to create a Shekmet avatar. In Second Life, we drive « avatars » and we go by different names: I am Eden Haiku and my friend Bleu Oleander’s First Life name is Patty Barnes: She’s an artist in what we also call RL ( Real Life)  and she has been organizing since 1983 with her husband Thomas Houlon the Spirit of the Senses salons involving both artists and scientists : : There are about 300 members in their group which is based in Phoenix, Arizona but they also visit artist’s studios in New York City or meet with movie directors in Los Angeles.


I have known Bleu for about a year and a half, ever since she joined Play as Being (our discussion group). She was almost a newbie in Second Life and I saw her talents bloom in front of my very eyes: she learnt to build in no time, created new costumes for her avatar, and started creating Second Life salons as well.


When she heard I was a poet, she got curious and invited me to give a poetry reading in her Virtual studio on April 11th 2010. I had been giving a few poetry readings in Second Life  by then but still didn’t have that much material written in English. So I suggested I would share the hour with my friend Ulrich Lionheart, who’s also a French-speaking poet from Montreal who writes in English in Second Life. We had met at a Burning Life poetry event the year before and he had given me tips about interesting joints for poetry events in Second Life like The Blue Angel.I was also a bit nervous about my French accent. Even though Ulrich’s French accent is much lighter than mine, I felt sharing the difficulty would feel easier. And it did: the audience found our accent « charming ».


Bleu then launched the Art of Being project and many of the 60 or so «guardians» of Play as Being [see] participated: exhibiting Second Life snapshots, creating sculptures, and even performances. I created The PaB Neighbourhood cafe in that context:


This Being recorded project of Art of Being, was part of the 3rd year anniversary celebration of Play as Being, a group launched by Pema Pera ( who in Real Life is Piet Hut, an astrophysicist of Princeton University who shares his time between New York and Tokyo). Inspired by the performances of the celebrations, Storm Nordwind, the platform visual engineer of Play as Being Village then built The Molecule Theater and created the Being Theater Players. I emceed the premiere which included three performances on June 12th 2011: 3’03 » by Bleu Oleander The Bell by Storm Nordwind ( with Zen Arado) and  Sakura Dreams  by Sunshine Vayandar (with Eliza Madrigal). Our friend Yakuzza Lethecus was helping with the spots and subtitles.


When Bleu expressed interest for my work in progress and
asked if I would do a performance for the next Being Theater Players event on July 31st, I realized I didn’t have much time for Second Life rehearsals in July ( after all, I’m spending the summer in the country to write a novel :-).  So I suggested I was going to complete the poem and give it to her so she could use it in her performance if she’d like.


So I did, adapting the work to her: « My name is Rose » became  » My name is Bleu » and « I am a poet/ I am Shekmet » became  » I am an artist/ I am Shekmet ». I wrote the poem very fast, letting myself be inspired by what I knew about her, and by her latest creation: the sun house she just built with pictures of recent explosions of the sun. At the end of the June 27th session, she invited all of us to visit her new house where we teleported happily ( yes, we teleport and we fly on Second Life as you see in the video!).


And then, a few days ago, I found in my emails a link to this amazing, marvelous video that Bleu Oleander/Patty Barnes created with my poem. I felt so honoured by the way she says Artisan of Light, by the images she created for it, I was moved to tears. And it was her very first video! I was in awe!!!


Bleu first hesitated about sharing the video before the performance, but now she feels it’s fine to post it and share it. The live performance will be different: there will be music and spectacular special effects, so the video won’t spoil the fun.


In fact, I’m posting it to invite you to the performance that will be held on Sunday July 31st , noon SLT (that’s Pacific Time) at the Molecule Theater in Second Life. All you need to do is to create a Second Life account ( it’s free), choose any standard avatar ( you can change it later) and send me a message for making a reservation ( here or on Twitter  

  or at I will then let you know how to get there (easy: I will teleport you in!) and how to set your preferences so you can hear!


Bleu’s performance will be spectacular, I’m sure. There will also be three other interesting and mysterious performances by Storm Nordwind, Aphrodite McBain and SophiaSharon Larnia ( I don’t know much about these yet, all this is kept very secret:-)


If you also want to read the poem Artisan of Light, I already posted it here on June 29th: just scroll down a few posts.



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