Let’s take a walk

6 Nov

This Sunday morning, I followed instructions given on Twitter by New York performance and video artist @mcayer as I was walking down the alley towards the river. At one point she asked us (people from all over the world joining her « Let’s take a walk » project), to stop and film something that interested us. I looked around, started filming the yellowish trees with my iPad and saw this cross of light appearing on my screen, with its white burning sun center and irisdescent arms. Some Catholic upbringing remnants I’m sure, in a time of struggling with old hurts. It uplifted my spirits. Later on, I saw of 6th of spades playing card on the lawn by the river and googling it, found out it meant « ending of sadness ».




Envoyé de mon iPad

4 Réponses vers “Let’s take a walk”

  1. Marie Christine 8 novembre 2011 à 21 h 49 min #

    Thank you so much for your participation. I like your walk description and images. Now time to spend a fair amount of time editing all the footage of the last few walks. Wishing you well Marie Christinewww.mariechristine.com


  2. Anonyme 9 novembre 2011 à 14 h 20 min #

    Thank you so much Marie-Christine. I have been wanting to participate to your "Let’s take a walk" project for a while but there was always something happening toprevent me from jumping in. This time, at I was at the Sunday morning breakfast table, feeling so so slowwww when I saw your tweet about the walk starting in 5 minutes and I decided to join the walk on the spur of the moment. It shook me back into action, I enjoyed the crisp air and had much fun noticing how desperate I could feel if your instructions lead me into a wall or a fence:) Had to disobey a lot but did my best to be as precise as possible.The light cross I captured stunned me. When my godmother emailed me later that her husband is at the threshold of death, I made a connection: my dear old uncle used to be a Catholic priest and is still very religious. He’s going through the veil as I write this comment.


  3. Marie Christine 9 novembre 2011 à 22 h 18 min #

    Wishing strengths to you and your family at this time.Marie Christine


  4. Anonyme 10 novembre 2011 à 3 h 03 min #



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