24 Jan

201201240625There was an ice-storm yesterday night and we were only 40 or so at the channeling: the attendance is usually around 200. It felt quiet and intimate. The topic was joy, how important it is in these times of difficult passages. The medium I met almost a year now, guided us in a meditation where we got in touch with a moment of pure joy in our lives. These sensations in our bodies are sorts of radars leading us to the best choices for our health and general well-being. I was so tired, I might have slumbered until he mentioned how important it is to add a cycle of 90 minutes of sleep at the beginning of our nights and how nurturing joy and being kind to ourselves is crucial in these times of turbulent energies bringing up karmic knots that can be released gently by being in touch with ourselves, not denying what we feel, yet not lingering in the pain, taking hot baths, rocking ourselves and maybe nibbling on a bite of chocolate…He made us laugh, saying some of us might have heard he was saying to feed ourselves on chocolate only and I was now completely awake! There was a longer than usual session of questions and answers. The questions were poignant and his answers so full of nuances, with deep silences and delicate hand gestures, beaming a wonderful smile at times. He keeps his eyes closed until he stops channeling at the end of the evening and it’s a delight to just look at him tune into the person asking a question. I’m getting used to see him in trance now, I remember how weird it seemed a year ago: after all I have known him as a regular little kid when were growing up, on the same street. He can be utterly funny at times: there was a moment of pure slapstick where he would get very animated, his tone staying very gentle and loving but with sweeping movements of his arms, to the point where his assistant, sitting on the other side of the little table where there is always a large vase of fresh roses, got scared he would hit the flowers. She started moving the vase out of his way further and further towards the edge of the table until the first row was shaking with repressed laughter. We didn’t want to startle the medium out of his trance. He got so effervescent when someone had asked about the Year of the Dragon and he seemed to be foreseeing a time of great expansion, an excellent time for creation, a time for love. Joy is going to see us through the narrow passage. As I’m writing this on my electronic tablet in bed, my cat is walking delicately towards me on the down comforter, purring. Moment of pure joy. Going back to sleep now as I came home too late to have my extra 90 minutes sleep. Ah…REST. #timestampPosted 08:55, 24 Jan 2012 on Play as Being Wiki (as Eden) at

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