Our project is not against Canadians, it’s for the people of Quebec!

16 Mai

Pierre Karl Péladeau before delivering his delivery speech

In his victory speech of May 15th 2015, Pierre Karl Péladeau (PKP), the new leader of the independentist party of Quebec, quotes our most famous poet Gaston Miron (1928-1996) and our youngest film director Xavier Dolan (born in 1989 and actually acting as a jury in Cannes). He also congratulates Pauline Marois, first woman Prime Minister of our nation of 8 millions citizens.

Towards the end of his victory speech, delivered in French, PKP addresses his wife and his young children in familiar endearing terms: « Ma chérie, mes p’tits cocos » and he goes on saying he wants to speak« to our anglophone fellow countrymen, to Canadians and to all North Americans »

Here is a transcription of what he says from minute 19:22 to min 22:33 on this video of his victory speech: https://youtu.be/v0r78jOPgQM:

« As the new leader of the Parti Québécois, I would like to say to all our friends in North America and in the world, after all those decades and centuries, always in full respect for democracy and the rule of law that, we want to have and enjoy our own country.Cheers of the crowd ) And we want to position our people with the greatest opportunities. And we want to live happy and peacefully. ( Cheers ) Our project is not against anyone or anything. Our project is not against Canadians, it’s for the people of Quebec! ( Cheers of the crowd ) And it’s for all citizens who believe in our capacity to live according to our best interests, to protect our culture, and to flourish in this new world of the 21st century. ( Cheers ) I want all to be part of this great and legitimate objectives. »

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