Healing circle in the forest

11 Sep

Envoy?? de mon iPad

Woke up early this morning and joined friends who live in an initiatic community a few kilometers from our summerhouse. We had a powerful meditation on top of the hill then I went by myself to the healing circle further in the forest. After spending some time there, I walked to the sharing place overlooking the lake. There was only one person there: a sweet guy who was on the initiatic trip to Egypt in May. We shared happy memories of our time in Egypt and how it unfolded in our lives.When I told him I had been writing a novel about Time, he shared about this book: « Fractal Time » by Gregg Braden. Cool, it might help me organize my scattered « narrative fractals » ! I just ordered it in line. I spent the rest of the afternoon packing for our move back to Montreal in a few days. I’m still feeling exhilarated from my time at Mount Violet this morning.

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